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PONK SMiTHi , pattern of life jewelry inspired from Mokume Gane(木目金) technique. They are derived from the production and decoration technique of samurai swords in 1700 (Meiji Period). “Moku” means wood. “Me” means eye. “Gane” means precious metal. All means wood grain pattern precious metal. Mokume Gane pattern can be compared with the pattern of LiFE, as all lives are unique, no matter how hard people try to look the same. Moreover, two metals are perfectly diffused and bonded together during exactly temperature, pressure and time like only real LOVE to connect the couple, can’t be told or forced to love with each other. Finally, The SUCCESS of the long processes is amazing unique pattern of life and real love are expressed.

PONK SMiTHi policies:

 "PONK SMiTHHi. My name is Ponk Smithi. I am Mokume Gane Sci-Artist from Thailand. I have a shop at The Old Siam Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand. My first experience for Mokume Gane is broken, missing, uncontrollable, errors, frustrated and sad. After a long effort, patience, love to solve problems. Finally found a beautiful unique natural pattern. I have discovered that Mokume Gane is not only jewelry. But its pattern formed by the effort, tolerance and solving like the life and love."

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Learn more about process : Mokume Gane โมกุเม่ กาเน่ by PONK SMiTHi


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