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Thai food that we cook within our family every day, by my mother’s hand, we are not going to teach you to cook with an exact recipe. Everything can be swapped along the procedure. Every steps in our sample cooking are recorded but fastened and skipped some waiting time, so that the video is compact and understandable. It is not difficult nor does it requires rare tools, just find the nearby  ingredients and garnishes, enjoy doing it, and you will get your Thai food menu.


Creamy Tom Yum sea bass

(Thai spicy soup with sea bass) add abalone mushroom

Steamed egg

Egg custard / Steamed egg a light, fluffy dish

Thai steamed pork with curry paste

Steamed pork with curry paste / Curry pork custard (Hor-Mok) Steamed Coconut Chili Paste with mix pork.

Creamy tom yum sea bass version 2

(Thai spicy soup with sea bass) add oyster mushroom

Mixed fried soup

Fried garlic soup with straw mushroom chicken and egg tofu.

Pork crackling

Small, crunchy bits of golden brown fat, for a savory snack by themselves or topping bread.

Thai Jaew chili dipping

Thai Dried Chili Dipping Sauce (Jaew Sauce) *No ground roasted rice

Hot basil stir fried with squid

Spicy, hot basil stir fried. served hot over steamed rice with a fried egg.

Thai dessert palm fruit with syrup

Fruit dessert. Stir and serve with pandan leaf syrup and ice.

Every Thai dishes is composed of spices and herbs as the main ingredients. They are generally good for everybody. However, certain people with medical issues should consume in an appropriate amount, study its effect or even avoid the herbs altogether. For example, Garlic helps reduce fat, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and sugar level in your veins but if consumed together with medicines that help prevent blood clotting, the effect of the medicine will be reduced.


Smoothie cereal homemade 

Mix cereal beverage your taste. The healthy choice diet, high calcium.

Fried rice with naem

(cured pork / sour pork / soured pork sausage). Enjoy this pork sausage.

Knorr Instant Porridge

porridge no MSG added, no color added, no preservatives added. Your style topping and serve.

Boiled bok choy with oyster sauce

Easiest, most flavorful preparations of greens imaginable, side dishes.

Thai minced pork salad (Larb)

Mixing minced pork with various condiments and roasted rice which has a nice scent.

Fried rice with salted egg

Vegetarian meal with egg. Adjust with vegetarian seasoning.

Sour curry with fried acacia pennata omelette

Acacia pennata omelette in sour soup. Sour soup is a healthy menu, sweet and not too spicy. Add abalone mushroom

Sweet shrimp paste dipping sauce

Thai sour mango or other fruit with sweet shrimp paste (Sweet and Spicy).

Chinese cabbage clear soup with tofu and pork

Pork chopped clear soup with carrot (Kaeng Jued).

On the plus side, there are Thai herbs and vegetables that are beneficial to your body all the time, e.g. lemon grass in Tomyum or Tom-kha will not only helps promote digestion but also help improve urinary and sweat system’s function, help reduce blood pressure, and clear gas. Kaffir lime leaves, chiliesand alpinia galanga are all herbs with medicinal effect.


Thai mackerels salad

Thai spicy fish salad with herb low fat.

Winter melon soup with chicken

Thai winter melon clear soup recipe chicken, shiitake mushrooms and carrot.

Fried Boiled Egg with tamarind sauce

Boiled egg fry until crispy, dress with sweet and sour of the tamarind sauce, sprinkle with fried shallot, fresh coriander.

Pickled lettuce soup with spare ribs 

Thai spice aroma soup, sour flavor.

Braised chicken with black soy sauce

Spice blend reflect the influence of Thai-Chinese dishes cuisine.

Stir fried wide rice noodles with chicken and eggs

Thai noodle with chicken and eggs (KaewTaew-Kua-Kai) serve with sriracha sauce.

Hot basil stir fried with chicken liver 

Thai dish a popular spicy, hot basil stir fried. Super spicy with a yellow chilli pepper.

Banana in coconut milk and meat

Banana in coconut milk topping coconut meat. Serve warm or room temperature.

Herbs – spices not only have appetizing smell but also almost every species contains antioxidants, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory substances.

We will always keep on updating.
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