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Thai food that we cook within our family every day, by my mother’s hand, we are not going to teach you to cook with an exact recipe. Everything can be swapped along the procedure. Every steps in our sample cooking are recorded but fastened and skipped some waiting time, so that the video is compact and understandable. It is not difficult nor does it requires rare tools, just find the ingredients and garnishes, enjoy doing it, and you will get your  Thai menu.

Herbs – spices not only have appetizing smell but also almost every species contains antioxidants, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory substances.

We will always keep on updating.
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Grocery Thai home cooking

Creamy Tom Yum sea bass

(Thai spicy soup with sea bass) add abalone mushroom

Steamed egg

Egg custard / Steamed egg a light, fluffy dish

Thai steamed pork with curry paste

Steamed pork with curry paste / Curry pork custard (Hor-Mok) Steamed Coconut Chili Paste with mix pork.

Creamy tom yum sea bass version 2

(Thai spicy soup with sea bass) add oyster mushroom

Mixed fried soup

Fried garlic soup with straw mushroom chicken and egg tofu.

Thai Jaew chili dipping

Thai Dried Chili Dipping Sauce (Jaew Sauce) *No ground roasted rice

Hot basil stir fried with squid

Spicy, hot basil stir fried. served hot over steamed rice with a fried egg.

Thai dessert palm fruit with syrup

Fruit dessert. Stir and serve with pandan leaf syrup and ice.

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