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Why did you order 2 kg (ePacket+plus) from the website ?

Because the delivery fee is very complex for the destination country and ePacket Air delivery is the global standard featuring minimal cost; it’s really popular on eBay and at our shop. But there are limitations concerning weight and limited size of box.

** (ePacket (7-14 Post working days). Boxes and products total weight <= 2kg)
**** Limitations of air cargo transport with new laws making liquid products controlled substances , which includes fruit juice, Toothpaste, Shower Cream, Shampoo and other similar products, the aforementioned will be returned to the sender.

Due to the limitations of air cargo transport with new laws making liquid products controlled substances!! sizes no more than 100 ml per box.

We have adjusted destination country selection of over 70 countries, updating each time Thailand Post has updated any changes. After successful ordering and payment, customers can assure that your products will be shopped to your country. *Order must not exceed 10 kg limit.

The appearance of package labels / date might differ slightly from the pictures shown, but you can be certain that the items we send our customers are the latest.

Consequently, most of these goods that are sent by air never reach the recipient and delivery fees are wasted for nothing. Therefore, these goods are ready for delivery and can be ordered, but will be sent by Int’l Parcel-Surface. This delivery method is suitable for commodities such as rice , Tea / Coffee and consumer goods.

Are you familiar with the import tax shipping fee?
We don’t sure about the import tax, when shipping a package internationally from Thailand, your shipment may be subject to a custom duty and import tax. Every country is different, as the parcel will be randomly checked in some country which would be solely based on the discretion of the customs department of the destination country.

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