Agents Fastship Agents, return parcel

Agents, return parcel

Products will not accept any kinds of condiment made from meat, regardless of its form, as well as the herbal medicine as already forbidden. *Food Contains Pork, Beef or Chicken and Medication cannot be sent. This is due to the continuous problems that these products were left in the destination countries. read more : products abandoned

For now on, we are granting the decision of delivery, not delivering the risk items on the delivery service to prevent the waste of time and unnecessary expenses.

If the customers still wish to do so, we offer alternatives;

– Full refund after the charge of Paypal service fee, as we do not get any refunded from the service fee being charged.

– Split the parcel into 2 or more in order to send via ePackage from ThaiPost. This is the best way with the appropriate price.
Please note that there might be additional charges.
*We are trying our best to keep this price.

read more : cannot be sent

It is suggested to send in 2 services, if urgent. However, we are not recommended as the additional cost will be very high and the orders must be made by customers themselves.

Status of the parcel by UPS, FedEx and Aramex Express : (4-10 business days by Fastship Agents) *Food Contains Pork, Beef or Chicken and Medication cannot be sent.