Bangkok Overview

Chao Phraya Express Boat.

Bangkok Overview / Bangkok have the average temperature in low to medium level at 30-37 degrees Celsius throughout year. There will have heavy rain in September and October. However, it occurs with all parts of Thailand. Although it rains heavily but we can still see sunlight. If travelers would like to see the sunlight, Bangkok, a city of blue sky, will give you the nice experience throughout year, except in the mentioned two month period. There are many skyscrapers, colorful street markets, many located shopping malls and vigorous nightspots.

Bangkok Transport, the popularity of travelers Bangkok streets have the problem of traffic jam. Therefore, we would like to recommend a convenient travel on the middle of river, that is, Chao Phraya Express Boat. There are many foreign travelers, especially Europe people, who like to travel with this trail due to it is economical with its cheap fare at 10-40 baht (Thai currency), convenient and fast. Moreover, you can also take photos of view along two sides of rivers. Most of all, it will provide travelers real atmosphere of travel.

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Suggestion : When you visit a Buddhist temple, you should get dressed simply and politely. Please do not reveal your shoulders and legs to honor the place. Some temples may not allow you to enter inside if you get dressed impolitely.

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