PONK SMiTHi ,Mokume Gane

Meet the owner of MokumeSmithi

PONK SMiTHi , pattern of life jewelry inspired from Mokume Gane(木目金) technique. They are derived from the production and decoration technique of samurai swords in 1700 (Meiji Period). “Moku” means wood. “Me” means eye. “Gane” means precious metal. All means wood grain pattern precious metal. Mokume Gane pattern can be compared with the pattern of LiFE, as all lives are unique, no matter how hard people try to look the same. Moreover, two metals are perfectly diffused and bonded together during exactly temperature, pressure and time like only real LOVE to connect the couple, can’t be told or forced to love with each other. Finally, The SUCCESS of the long processes is amazing unique pattern of life and real love are expressed.

PONK SMiTHi policies:

 "PONK SMiTHi ,Mokume GaneHi. My name is Ponk Smithi. I am Mokume Gane Sci-Artist from Thailand. I have a shop at The Old Siam Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand. My first experience for Mokume Gane is broken, missing, uncontrollable, errors, frustrated and sad. After a long effort, patience, love to solve problems. Finally found a beautiful unique natural pattern. I have discovered that Mokume Gane is not only jewelry. But its pattern formed by the effort, tolerance and solving like the life and love."

Please contact me if you have any questions about my work or any questions.
E-mail : [email protected]

Learn more about process : Mokume Gane โมกุเม่ กาเน่ by PONK SMiTHi


PONK SMiTHi ,Mokume Gane

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Nesvita Actifibras Cereal Drink

Nesvita Actifibras Cereal Drink

Nesvita is the leading brand in cereal beverages, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle for women on the go who need a filling, convenient and above all nutritious way to start their day. With increasing market competition and an upward trend in health conscious eating, Nesvita aims to leverage its competitive advantage with the newly launched Nesvita Actifibras with wholegrain cereal.

Nesvita is the leading brand in cereal New nesvita improved beverage with a stronger message about the nutritional benefits of Actifibras and wholegrain cereal; the main benefit being a healthier digestive system for a more balanced lifestyle.

Nesvita Actifibras Cereal Drink
Nesvita Actifibras Cereal is a perfect source of high fiber


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Number One Brand : (Chatramue) Brand’s Red Label Original Thai Tea.

Number One Brand : (Chatramue) Brand’s Red Label

Number One Brand : (Chatramue) Brand’s Red Label Original Thai Tea can be served in various concoctions catering to the different consumers.

Number One Brand : (Chatramue) Brand’s Red Label Original Thai Tea.
Number One Brand : (Chatramue) Brand’s Red Label Original Thai Tea.

Among these choices include plain tea, the famous Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea), Cha dam Yen (Thai Black Tea), Iced lemon tea, bubble tea either hot or cold. Additionally, the product can be used as an enhancer to concoct your preferred beverage and it can even be mixed with various products to create new flavours for confectioneries, sweets and ice cream etc.

Number One Brand : (Chatramue) Brand’s Red Label Original Thai Tea.Thai Tea Mix – Number One (Chatramue)


Different flavors tempt you to give them a try; enjoy the fragrant, smooth flavor of Teas / Coffees.
All Thai Tea & Beverages


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Lobo 2in1 Thai Instant Paste with Creamed Coconut

Lobo 2in1 Thai Instant Paste with Creamed Coconut

Lobo 2in1 Thai Instant Paste with Creamed Coconut Thai Classical Natural Herbal Curry.
**A real cook-it-yourself dish we challenge you to try.
All Lobo : https://www.mustthai.com/?search_category=8&s=lobo&search_posttype=product

2in1 Green Curry Paste with Creamed Coconut – Lobo (100g)
Green Curry Paste is added to chicken or other meats, as well as seafood, noodles, vegetables, tofu or wheat gluten.

2in1 Masman Curry Paste with Creamed Coconut – Lobo (100g)
Massaman Curry (gaeng matsaman) is a Southern Thai curry which has a lot of Indian influence. Massaman is an old way of saying “Muslim”, for many of the dry spices.

2in1 Tom Ka Paste with Creamed Coconut – Lobo (100g)
Concentrated with pure coconut flavor hundred percent authentic Tom Kha spicy and mellow immediately to your home.

2in1 Panang Curry Paste With Creamed Coconut – Lobo (100g)
Panang Curry is a popular favourite at many Thai restaurants. It is usually made with beef, but either chicken or pork can be substituted.

2in1 Tom Yum Paste with Creamed Coconut – Lobo (100g)
In Thailand, Tom Yum is usually made with prawns (Tom Yum Goong), chicken (Tom Yum Gai), fish (Tom Yum Pla) or mixed seafood (Tom Yum Talay or Tom Yum Po Taek) and mushrooms.

Lobo: Globo Foods started to produce and market the first of Thai Instant Seasoning.
All Instant Seasoning / Curry : Lobo Brand

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Medicine Thai Tea - Herb Abhaibhubejhr (Pack of 10 Tea bags)

Medicine Thai Tea – Herb Abhaibhubejhr (Pack of 10 Tea bags)

Ya Pakking / Leng Ju Chao (CHINESE HERB)
Ya Pakking / Leng Ju Chao (CHINESE HERB)

Medicine Thai Herb Abhaibhubejhr Quality Guaranteed by Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital Foundation. Premium Quality Herbal Products. Abhailbhubejhr Products are Produced In a CAF quality controlled production plant, and conform to GMP standards and Thai Food And Drug Administration. All Teas are factory vacuum packed in foil bag to ensure quality and freshness.

Ya Pakking / Leng Ju Chao Infusion – Abhaibhubejhr (Pack of 10 Tea bags) https://www.mustthai.com/ya-pakking-leng-ju-chao-for-increases-immunity-abhaibhubejhr

Ya Pakking / Leng Ju Chao (CHINESE HERB) Cleaning the lymphatic system using herbal preparation based on plant Ya Pakking. There is a recovery of white blood cells, stimulation of the liver, pancreas, thyroid, etc. It improves digestion, cleanses the kidneys, the urethra and joints. Increases immunity. Healing of wounds, helps with diabetes and herpes improves the work of the stomach.

Asiatic Pennyworth tea – Abhaibhubejhr (Pack of 10 Tea bags)
Centella Asiatica – a popular Asian herb that has a beneficial effect on mental activity and helps to cope with the problems of the skin of the face and body. The active ingredients penetrate into the brain cells, saturating them with useful trace elements, so people better tolerate depression, neurasthenia, and much more slowly lose memory in dementia. In some countries in Asia Centella is used to treat mental illness and a speedy recovery of the body in the postoperative period.

Bael Fruit Tea - Abhaibhubejhr (Pack of 10 Tea bags)

Bael Fruit Tea – Abhaibhubejhr (Pack of 10 Tea bags)
The Bael fruit has been subject to much recent research. The essential oil of the Bael tree to be effective against 21 types of bacteria. In Thailand it is commonly used for smooth bowel movement to patients suffering from constipation and other gastrointestinal problems.

Roselle Herbal Tea Natural no sugar added – Abhaibhubejhr (Pack of 10 Tea bags)
Roselle fruit can be used for various purposes; beverage, food production and medicine. Roselle Tea Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. Herbal Tea Natural Thailand no sugar added. Roselle is an herb that can help reduce blood cholesterol. Especially the HDL. Which should be used only in conjunction with a diet containing high cholesterol such as egg yolks, animal food etc. Evacuates urine and calculus. Expels phlegm, Improves the immunology.

All Medicine Thai Herb : Abhaibhubejhr




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“RosDee Menu” completed-taste Thai

“RosDee Menu” completed-taste Thai

RosDee Menu” , completed-taste menu seasoning powder for cooking specific menu more conveniently and deliciously. With combination of spices and seasoning in one sachet that are well selected and formulated to have well-blended delicious taste, your cooking will be easier and more enjoyable than ever.RosDee Menu , completed-taste menuPlease, find keyword “Rosdee” on search box in my website.
Thank you so much for shopping. Thank you for your support Thai Grocery.

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