Courier Post

Courier Post

Courier Post: DHL Express and Thailand Post partnership to enable international trade for e-commerce merchants.

According to the sample, for the courier post, customer order spice of less than 2 kilograms in a 5-kilogram volume box. Customer have a stated license and the broker picked up the products from DHL, therefore it is easy to get the product. *In the case that the products are spice, the recipients must have Phyto certificate.

Courier Post
Courier Post

In case of sending via DHL, we would send through Courier Post which is a Thailand post agent. This would save more on shipping costs.

However, all type of medicine and Products that cannot be delivered; products made from over 30% of any types of animal meats, including seasoning pork, chicken and meat, is prohibited.

The sender will send a tracking number by email twice and limit of 1 boxes per order.

Customers are required to check to be certain that the products ordered are not prohibited for import or require tariff payments because customers will need to clear any Customs formalities on their own.

*Same calculated based on either the actual weight or the volumetric weight whichever is higher.

Calculated based on either the actual weight

Please note that there might be additional charges. *We are trying our best to keep this price.

Our ordering procedures are as follows :