as another oversea delivery

FastShip as another oversea delivery

Due to an outbreak of COVID-19 virus, Thailand Post has decided not to ship the postal to most countries. We have been stopped providing the service for quite a while, waiting for the virus problem to be resolved. However, as this virus still has not been resolved and we have been receiving enquiries and orders from customers, we decided to add the UPS Express and Aramex Express by FastShip as another oversea delivery.
** FastShip is Company Limited

UPS Express and Aramex Express by FastShip

Delivery agent with high standard service and reasonable price *Not include Import duties, taxes. Same as before, the tracking number will be provided. The shipping time normally takes about 4 – 10 days after the shipment before receiving at the destination country by the customers. *Food Contains Pork, Beef or Chicken and Medication cannot be sent.
** Door to Door only. (No Post Box)

Note : Import duties, taxes at recipient’s country. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. *some countries

UPS or FedEx and Aramex Express : United Arab Emirates, Germany, United Kingdom (UK) , Sweden, Bahrain, Brunei, Kuwait, Mexico, France, Australia, Canada and United States (US)

Due to the rapid change of the situation in many countries, we are not able to update the postal details in the system as fast as we wish we could. Please check on this before placing the order. The customers can check the list of countries or cities where shipments are delayed or suspended in this link.

Service Alerts
UPS Express :
FedEx Express :
Aramex Express :

However, it would take longer in this period of time due to the unexpected events that may occur. *Please carefully check before placing the order.

Note :

  1. Due to the high cost of shipping and the possibility that cost will be soon increased, we would like to kindly ask the customers to order only the product necessary, such as Tea Herb – Healthy Coffee.
  2. We will start by shipping to 12 countries that have been recently inquired, apart from these countries, please contact us by e-mail, for adding the shipping fee information into the system.
  3. Shipping cost is very high at the moment, therefore we are not suggest to order products during this time. / Option price for 1 kg.

Prohibited Item :
Cash (Bank Notes and Coins)
Herbal Product for Medical (Nasal Inhaler and Balm)

Tips : 5-10 kilogram / one price shipping.

Fastship Agents : (4-10 business days by *Calculated based on either the actual weight or the volumetric weight whichever is higher.

Calculated based on either the actual weight
Agents : (4-10 business days by *

Please note that there might be additional charges. *We are trying our best to keep this price.