Fedex Express international shipping

Fedex Express international shipping

3-10 Kg.

United States, Canada, Mexico and United Kingdom

In accordance with Thailand international postal agreements,shipment comes with higher cost. However, we decided to add the Fedex Express by FastShip as another oversea delivery with United States, Canada, Mexico and United Kingdom.

Takes about 4 – 10 days after the shipment before receiving at the destination 4 country by the customers.
** Door to Door only. (No Post Box)
*** Prohibited Item : Herbal medicine products are prohibited from delivery service and Cash (Bank Notes and Coins)

Note : Delivery agent with high standard service and reasonable price
*Not include Import duties, taxes.
“Tax is not included in the shipping fee, as the parcel will be randomly checked in some country which would be solely based on the discretion of the customs department of the destination country”