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Thai grocery P1Parcel-Air : Cambodia
(7-21 Post working days)
Moringa Herbal Soap - Parrot (100g)
Quantity : 50
Total product price : $90.00
Delivery price : $35.00

Thai grocery P2
Parcel-Air : Australia
(7-21 Post working days)
Bar Soap - Parrot Botanicals (110g)
Quantity : 50
Total product price : $65.00
Delivery price : $86.00

Thai grocery P1Parcel-Air : Singapore
(7-21 Post working days)
Lotus Biscuit Stick - Dorkbua (55g)
Quantity : 100
Total product price : $110.00
Delivery price : $40.00

Parcel-Surface : United States
(40-60 Post working days)
Curcuma Herbal Soap - Ing On (85g)
Quantity : 100
Total product price : $120.00
Delivery price : $60.00

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Cheap Thai products with actual delivery fee 5 kilograms and above.
The delivery charge is calculated by the actual weight between the destination country and Thailand.
The weight of each package - box is approximately 400g-1000g.

Thai grocery P1
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  • Thailand Post's Track & Trace system 

You may calculate by yourself or send the product name, quantity and the destination country to us.
We will calculate the price before asking for your payment  

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Small Packet-Air (7-21 Post working days)
The maximum weight for these packages is 2kg (boxes and products total weight)
EMS-Package (4-7 Post working days)
Parcel-Air (7-21 Post working days)
Parcel-SAL (25-45 Post working days)
Parcel-Surface (50-70 Post working days)

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