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 Thai products are inexpensive offer cheap delivery fees.

wholesale product thai

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Small Packet-Air (7-21 Post working days)
The maximum weight for these packages is 2kg (boxes and products total weight)
EMS-Package (4-7 Post working days)
Parcel-Air (7-21 Post working days)
Parcel-SAL (25-45 Post working days)
Parcel-Surface (50-70 Post working days)

* Parcel-Surface
Some Food and medication cannot be sent by the aforementioned method because cargo sent by land must be packed in a high-temperature container for a long period of time. If, however, there are purchases, we will make arrangements for delivery as per the buyer’s instructions.

This delivery method is suitable for commodities such as rice , Tea / Coffee and consumer goods, etc, which can be sent to...

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We will deliver products within 2-48 hours once we have received your transfer. Whether the package arrives sooner or later depends on the delivery mode you select. However, the products will reach the recipient within 4-70 Post working days. But can be shorter or longer depending on airmail and customs delays.

Tracking number is provided by email once the package has been sent, so the recipient can check the status of the delivery after we have sent the package.

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