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Underarms Serum - Treechada 100g (10 Sachets in box)

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เซรั่มตรีชฎา ครีมรักแร้ขาว 1 กล่อง / คุณนาง
Serum for skin under the arms No alcohol 10 Sachets in box. Brighten skin tone. Soften underarm skin, Tighten pores, Slow down hair growth, Reduce sweat.

Brand : Treechada


Product Description :
Soothe underarm area after plucking. Brighten skin tone. Tighten pores underarms. Reduce sweat and smell Help slow down hair growth. Ingredients nourish the skin and have a rejuvenating effect. Alcohol free which are based on natural elements.

How to use :
Apply on the underarm areas 1-2 times a day after shower. To the skin under the arms, behind the neck ,  knee elbow , knee and other.

Treechada Serum for skin under the arms No alcohol

AHA From Lemon Extract, Fruit Stemcell Liquid, Lactic Acid,Zinc Oxideo , BHA Use Natural, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Sheer Butter, Moisturizing Mask.

AHA From Lemon Extract : exfoliate and brighten the skin

Fruit Stemcell Liquid : reduce skin inflammation and clogged pores

Lactic Acid : gently exfoliate and smoothen skin, reduce uneven skin tone

Zinc Oxide : relieve skin irritation

BHA Use Natural : clear and calm skin with reduction of bacteria

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil : nourish and moisturize skin and increase the skin firmness

Sheer Butter : reduce stretch marks, wrinkles and refresh skin

Moisturizing Mask : rinse-free intensive moisturizing formula

Note :
* Not to be used for children under 7 years of age
* Not to be used on peeling or irritated skin

Net Weight  : 100 g.
Gross Weight  : 130 g.


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