Kaeng-Som Stir-Fried Rice Vermicelli by Lobo

Kaeng-Som Stir-Fried Rice Vermicelli by Lobo

Lobo Sour Vegetable Curry Paste to cook a dish of Stir-Fried Vermicelli with Water Mimosa. The blend of hot and sour taste from the curry paste will give you a unique experience to enjoy the noodles.

Sour VegetableCurry Paste

Sour Vegetable Curry Paste – Lobo (50g)

“Som” means orange colour. The sweet and sour taste of “Kaang Som” soup is light and unique. This is one of a few non-coconut curries in Thailand central plains. Curry usually prepared with fish or shrimp and green papaya. Sour Vegetable Curry Paste is a mixture of shallots, dried red chillies, salt, shrimp paste.

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