5% Mini-Coupon

Thai grocery Mini-Coupon

Mini-Coupon from today until the end of 2021 / 5% discount ” Mini5C ” applying to all orders with the total order of over 35 USD *only the price of the products. Including small free items which is changed every month for orders up to 15 USD or more.

*Due to the amount of the coupon code issued, customer must enter the code on the order page yourself

Discount Thai grocery

Tips : We have many kinds of products. Beyond buying what you want, try searching for light weight products for the shipping cost that remains the same.

No need to register for checking price. * The average total will be greatly reduced when buying more than 1 piece.

Don’t focus on price only but the reliability and period of time are still important too. With small air delivery to all countries that order within 2 kg. And tracking numbers for every order.