No shipping options were found

No shipping options were found

*As for the destination countries that message cannot be delivered, even purchasing one piece.

In order to find the most suitable delivery method and roughly estimate the shipping cost before placing order.

Please inform the following information via email. The product name, quantity the destination country and zip code / post code to us.

Our ordering procedures are as follows :
We will confirm the quantity again for order. You should not order more than you need.

1. Complete address for the first price proposal for PayPal payment and sent the invoice.
* which is the product only and more shipping address.

Ship to: address: email: and phone number:

2. When we are finished preparing the goods (no more than 7 days), there will be a second price proposal for the collection of delivery fees; and you will need to pay for these delivery fees within 15 days.

Otherwise, you will be considered as no longer wanting the aforementioned products and the cost of the products already transferred in Clause 1 will not be refunded. Customers are required to check to be certain that the products ordered are not prohibited for import or require tariff payments because customers will need to clear any Customs formalities on their own.

*Same calculated based on either the actual weight or the volumetric weight whichever is higher.

Calculated based on either the actual weight

Please note that there might be additional charges. *We are trying our best to keep this price.

For your understanding, please read :

  1. Products that cannot be delivered; products made from over 20% of any types of animal meats, including pork, chicken and meat, and general tablet medicines. Please note that there are some types that can be delivered, such as lozenges, infusion pills, inhalers, massage oils. *For your convenient, the order of these products is not recommended.
  2. Products will be delivered to the actual address only. Air delivery would take 10-20 working days, excluding the days releasing from the custom.
  3. Products might be opened for inspection and prohibited products might be destroyed. Customers are responsible for the import tax of the destination country (if any) as charged by customs department and any expenses as appeared in the receipt.
  4. Product insurance (there is 100 USD for transportation insurance) * in case of additional insurance require *insurance is not included in the stated price.
  5. In the case that the products are spice, the recipients must have Phyto certificate.