Chewy Tropical Corn Flavour – Haoliyuan (36g)

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ลูกอม ชูวี่ มิ้ลค์ แคนดี้ รสข้าวโพด ขนาด 36 กรัม / 7
Chewy Milk Fruit Candy Toffee by Haoliyuan brand, Delicious & New in Thailand. Only at 7-11

Brand : Haoliyuan

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Product : Thai Grocery

Haoliyuan Corn Milk Candy with Calcium. Haoliyuan is a new-generation candy with a soft, and chewy texture and the hight milk content, uniquely mixed with fruits. Real Milk, with Calcium to support fine bone health, less sugar and is low in fat making Haoliyuan a fun, healthy and delightful refreshment for kids and adults. Soft candy, which only a few companies in China are able to manufacture, is created special techniques and finished in a soft texture. The most popular candy in southern asia.!

Net Weight  : 36 g.
Gross Weight : 42 g.

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