Dry Roasted Sunflower Seeds – Hand (24g)

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ตรามือ เมล็ดทานตะวัน อบเกลือ 240กรัม
Sunflower seeds are a good food health vitamin E and essential fatty acids linoleic and (linoleic acid), which is very useful in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer with vitamin E to prevent heart attack.

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Thai Dry Roasted Sunflower Seeds. Enjoy delicious whole grain nutrition. Killing time, Benefits of whole grains. Many People Use This Item For Survival, Hiking, Biking, Work, School, Camping, Fishing, Traveling, Gift Idea, Recreational. High Quality. Delicious, nutty, and crunchy sunflower seeds are widely considered as healthful foods. Rich in protein iron calcium phosphorus and vitamins. Such as vitamin A vitamin K vitamin B and especially higher vitamin E than other .vegetation.

Ingredients :

Sunflower Seeds 97%, Iodized Salt 3%

Net Weight  :  24 g.
Gross Weight : 39 g.

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Weight 49 g