Hair Deing Shampoo Chestnut Red Brown Color – Poompuksa (24ml)

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ภูมิพฤกษา แชมพูเปลี่ยนสีผม สีน้ำตาลออมแดงธรรมชาติ (สีโค๊ก) 24 ml
Hair color has an easy fit with the natural color and quickly by hand. Easy To Use & Time-saving For Your Hair. 

Brand : Poompusksa

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Chestnut Red Brown Color Natural Shampoo for all Hair Types. 100% Natural hair dyed look, Anti-dandruff, Anti-bacterial, hair UV protection, Anti hair loss. . Hair color has an easy fit with the natural color and quickly by hand. Easy To Use & Time-saving For Your Hair. Free ingredients. I do not dry hard alcohol And odorless Chemical Safety tender Head hair soft and shiny hair. Beautiful natural forces off hair white. Close pronounced shiny. I feel as soft and smooth. Healthy and fragrant. With only 10-15 minutes in a single step with the hair, you can change the color and.

Cover your hair or get close. Enriching the Special Care Fresh. Natural scalp gently. Soft, shiny hair And long-lasting color.

Chinese herbal / Polygonum Multiflorum Root extract, a Chinese herb. Famous in the maintenance of healthy hair. Not easily broken It also helps prevent hair loss. Protect against UVA as well.

Henna Natural / Natural Henna is a plant. It features dark hair naturally. Helps reduce dandruff, eczema, fungal reducing bacteria Scalp.

How to use:
Steps to dye hair

1. Always wash your hair with shampoo as normal.
2. Wear gloves then tear the sachet shampoo, hair color and two-channel mix on hand.Grease all over your head, rub lightly with the bubbles, like the hair is normally leave 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with clean water. If hair is thick or Long hair should use the second pack.
3. After washing hair, dry hair or blow dry.

A mixture of concentrated
Sesame oil / Sesame Oi l Sesame Oil. Help me grow faster Maintaining healthy hair. Keeps hair soft and moist, not dry to a shiny black hair.

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