Instant Chrysanthemum Concentrated – Hangjow (box of 14 sachets)

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หังโจวเก็กฮวยผงสำเร็จรูปรสเข้มข้น 17กรัม กล่อง  14ซอง / มล.
Chrysanthemum tea acts as a natural coolant and has been talked about in the ancient Chinese medicinal science. A person will benefit a lot by having Chrysanthemum tea every day.

Brand : Hangjow

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Product : Thai Grocery

“Hangchow” products in herbal beverage producer for health. Products are the first priority to people’s mind for herbal drink especially instant ginger tea. From meticulous raw material selection to measurable production process, our products are accepted in both quality and taste to world wide as pure nature drink for health.

Gentle hot and cool drink with slight sweet of natural Chrysanthemums. To many westerners, the chrysanthemum is merely a beautiful flower, but for Chinese people they drink chrysanthemum tea for health benefits. Chrysanthemum tea helps to strengthen the body’s natural immunity system. Rich with vitamin A that is necessary to preserve eyesight. Helps to balance body temperature. A person will benefit a lot by having Chrysanthemum tea every day.

Directions :
– 1 sachet dissolved in hot water =  2 cups  or  half a liter. If you like it sweet, you may add some sugar.
– Pour flavored Instant Chrysanthemum into cold water jug or water bottle half liter, 500 ml,  drink raise a glass to two glasses.

Ingredients :
Chrysanthemum 60%, Rock Sugar 40%

Net Weight  : 238 g.
Gross Weight :  375g

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Weight 390 g