Instant Noodles minced pork flavor – Yum Yum Jumbo (67g)

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ยำยำ บะหมี่กึ่งสำเร็จรูป รสหมูสับ จัมโบ้ 67 กรัม
Happy easy and delicious meal with minced pork soup from special formula from Yum Yum Jumbo minced pork instant noodles.

Brand :  Yum Yum Jumbo

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Product : Thai Grocery

Thailand’s “YumYum” Instant Noodles delish recipe most loved by people across the world for its authentic Thai taste from the best selection of herbs & spices, and other ingredients. “The original Thai taste”

YUM YUM minced pork jumbo flavor! Aromatic soup with pork and garlic. Hip delicious pork broth concentrates of both ingredients, shallot, garlic, pepper, cinnamon and coriander.

How to cook instant noodles :
1. Prepare boiled fresh water
2. Unpack the noodles and put them into the bowl.
3. Pour hot water into the bowl ( not too much), cover the lid and allow the noodles to be soaked for 3-5 minutes.
4. Put ingredients and mix them with noodles.
(Recommend adding shrimp, pork and vegetables to add flavor to soup.)

Ingredients :
Wheat Flour : 60.8%, Palm Oil : 21.1%,Spices (Shallot, Garlic, Pepper, Cinnamon) : 1.8%, Monosodium glutamate/Di-sodium 5′ guanylate/Di-sodium 5′ inosinate/Flavor enhancers : 1.4%, Soy Sauce : 0.6%, Pork Powder : 0.1%, Onion Powder : 0.06%, Coriander and Coriander root : 0.04%, Dried shrimp : 0.03%, Flavoring and Natural Color

Net Weight  :  67 g.
Gross Weight  : 79 g.

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