Mulberry Tea with Japanese Green Tea – Ranong Tea (25 Teabags)

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เรนองที ชามัลเบอรี่ รสชาเขียวญี่ปุ่น 50 กรัม (25 ซองชา) / ฟล. ลต. (มค พ*)
Japanese Green Tea is high in antioxidants. Mulberry Tea can help prevent high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. High in calcium, caffeine Free.

Brand : Ranong Tea

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Japanese Green Tea is high in antioxidants which are key in strengthening the bodies immune system. These highly prized new shoot leaves add a distinct quality and taste.
Mulberry Tea can help prevent high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes, tea bag is 100% free of caffeine, tannin and artificial additives.
Mulberry Tea high in calcium , other healthy vitamins and abundant in antioxidants.
Caffeine Free, Contains high levels of antioxidants and proteins.

Ingredients :
Mulberry Tea 70%, Japanese Green Tea 30%

Can brew hot and cold :
– How to brew hot : 1-2 cups of mulberry tea, hot water soak 2-5 minutes, then drink.
– How to brew cold : use 3 mulberry tea, fill with hot water, leave it for 6-10 minutes, add lime honey, like to serve with ice.

Suggestions to drink :
– Drink at least 3 packs per day to get the full benefits of mulberry tea.
– 1 tea bag, three hot water 3 times without having to pack tea.
– After tearing the envelope. Should drink within 3 months for good quality.

Net Weight  :  50 g.
Gross Weight : 95 g.

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