Reishi Extract – Hi-Balanz (30 capsules)

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Hi-Balanz Reishi Extract 30 Capsules. Reishi can restore our health from many diseases. ln terms of pharmacology, Red Reishi effects to 5 systems: Immune system , Vascular system , Neural System , Endocrine system , Detoxification.

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HiBalanz Co., Ltd. establised in 2009 with passions and great simple ideas. We will produce high quality products to respond current customer’s demands in supplementary food market in Asia-Pacific (Apac). With this idea, HiBalanz steadily growing with trust in product, price, and services of building great customer relations.

Hi-Balanz Reishi Extract 30 Capsules 300 mg. To explain further, it must be said red Reishi can restore our health from many diseases. ln terms of pharmacology, Red Reishi effects to 5 systems;

1. Immune system
Reishi contains Polysaccharide that delays aging of cells, and increase in white blood cells to deal with viruses.bac teria. fungi and cancer cells. lt helps the body to deal with immune system disorders. lt is good for the allergy diabetic wound which heals difficultly. frequent colds and sore throat, also reduce the incidence of cancer.
2. Vascular system
Red Reishi affects to larger blood vessels. destruction of free radicals that causes vascular endothelial dysfunction. It reduces the adhesion of platelets in the blood cholesterol or fat. As a result. not only help aging skin firming but also to slow deterioration of internal organs such as the brain. heart. liver. kidneys. etc.
3. Neural System
Red Reishi is considered as a substance balance. Which are substances that help the body recover from the regular stuff. lt can reduce the tension in the brain. Vascular system allows the brain to function better. lt also increases oxygen to the brain up to 1 .5 times.
4. Endocrine system
Red Reishi contains very important nutrient that helps to function endocrine system better, such as those with diabetes who intakes a red Reishi has improved the condition of the body in overall.
5. Detoxification
Red Reishi can help strengthen the liver function. Serve to eliminate toxins in the bile. helps to digest greasy food to be
easier digested and to be absorbed. It also excretes uric acid, sugar, fat cholesterol and carcinogenic chemicals thatare toxic to the body.

Ingredients in 1 capsule : Reishi Extract 300 mg
– Polysaccharides > 30 % or > 90 mg./Capsule
– Triterpenoids > 3% or > 9 mg./Capsule

Dosage :Take 1 capsme after dinner.

Caution : Children and pregnant women should not eat

FDA Number : 10-1-04741-1-0807

Net Weight  :  11.88 g./box / 30 capsule
Gross Weight  : 80 g.

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