Tom Yum Broth – Knorr (20g)

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คนอร์ ต้มยำก้อน 20 กรัม
Make every Tomy um dish ‘Zaab’ with Knorr Tom yum Cube. For whatever Tom yum, you will find the full flavour and embodied with aromatic smell of authentic Tom yum herbs.

Brand : Knorr

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Product : Thai Grocery

Chefs worldwide have used Knorr with confidence for many years. Add to any recipe to enhance flavor in one easy step. Knorr Tom Yum Soup Cube. Seasoning Considered a component of foods containing one or more spices. And other ingredients. When added to food to enhance taste of food is delicious and very juicy.

Tom Yum is a food native to Thailand familiar. Because. Has to eat every region and popular with foreigners. One of the renowned world.

Ingredients :
Iodized Salt  40%, MSG 9.8%, Hydrogenated Palm Oil 15% , Sugar 9.8%, Citric acid 5.5%, Chilli 2.92%, Herb 0.98% Disodium 5′-Inosinate and Disodium 5′-Guanylate as Flavor Enchancer, Use Natural Color and Natural Identical Flavor.

Net Weight  :  20g
Gross Weight : 25 g.

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