For Thailand Country : Shipping EMS Thai Post 2-3 working day.

  • Free EMS delivery in Thailand when purchasing more than 20USD,
    Note: our goods are easy to find in all the leading malls, please find our goods before making a purchase with us. Thailand Online store. Cheap Thai products with actual delivery fee. We select only popular products of Thailand and high-standard brands available in leading department stores. We are constantly looking for new products to add to our store. Contact us Email :

Example: Shipping cost / rates : Small Packet-Air (7-21 Post working days)
Shipping fee is separated into 6 levels so as to reflect the real expenses as much as possible, calculating according to the distance, weight, and international service fee.

Thai grocery shipping fee is separated into levels

  • *Note 1 : 24 Country which has high percentage of purchasing frpm Thailand.
  • Country which has high percentage of purchasing with us e.g. Australia and U.S.A.
  • *Note 2 : 50 Countries with high amount of international package delivery.
  • *Note 3 : 100+ Other countries around the globe that can respond to an international package delivery.
  • If Post office does not have an international package service available in some countries, we will refund money back to you in a full amount within 48 hours. (2 working days.)

We can serve you based on friendly product price + transportation cost + Pay only a small delivery fee. (PayPal service fee and minor administrative expenses, so we can stay in business). Our slogan is “Fine selection of products with standards and friendly service”