Shipping Information

Check your package tracking number at :
We will charge the delivery fee in real cost according to the distance between the recipient’s country and Thailand. Service rates
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Small Packet-Air (There is a minimum charge effective international) Limitation :

    - Small Packet Air + Registered (7-21 Post working days)
    - There is a prohibition to send book, letter, publication in the same box products.
    - The maximum weight for these packages is 2 kg.(boxes and products total weight)
    - Small packet are packets or envelopes closed with a rope or staples, packet can be opened by customs. If you close a packet with tape it will be charged as a letter (more expensive).
    - Post office does not have an international small package air service available in some countries, we will refund money back to you in a full amount within 48 hours.random inspections and packaging.  Furthermore, books, letters and printed matter are forbidden from packing in boxes with other products. If the box is inspected, printed items will be seized.

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 Weight 2.01 – 20.0 kg. in one order. You can choose your Shipping Methods :

    - EMS-Package (4-7 Post working days)
    - Parcel-Air (7-21 Post working days)
    - Parcel-SAL (25-45  Post working days)  //  SAL - Possibly Surface Air Letter = part of its journey by air and part by land.
    - Parcel-Surface (40-60 Post working days)

All shipping methods :

    We will deliver products within 48 hours once we have received your transfer of funds (1-2 working days of Thailand post Monday to Friday and Saturday before noon, UTC/GMT +7 hours). However, the products will reach the recipient within 4-60 Post working days
    The tracking number is provided by email once the package has been sent, so the recipient can check the status of the delivery after we have sent the package.
    Ex. tracking number RR112657698th ( Small Packet Air Japan ) , RR036632993th ( Parcel-Air USA ) , EE137086943th ( EMS-Package Norway)

Additional FAQ:

    How to track your order ?
    Posted a package, we email customer 13 digits tracking number and end with TH such as RRxxxxxxxxxth
    If after 21 days customers still do not receive package or any notification of delivery at your address, please kindly ask your close local post with your tracking number. Customer can start tracking your package.