Stir fried Chinese chives with pork liver by team Thai grocery online

Stir-fry perfect quick meal with only 3 ingredients and seasoning. Stir fried Chinese chives with pork liver fits hectic lifestyles and health-conscious tastes. Thai street food a lot of Chinese chives (flowering chives) to fry them with pork, pork liver or shrimp. Garlic chives or Chinese chives also have iron and Vitamin A, which are good for eyes and blood. Serving hot with rice.

Tips : wash pork liver with tapioca flour and scald before cook *for softed.

Stir fried Chinese chives with pork liver

Thai food that we cook within our family every day, by my mother’s hand. Creating recommended menus easily, Thai food that is preferred by everybody in the family, and garnish the flavors to suit your personal likings. Easy not difficult nor does it requires rare tools, just find nearby ingredients and garnishes, enjoy doing it, and you will get your dish Thai menu.

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