Thai grocery with popular products

Thai grocery with popular products

Thai grocery online sells Thai food, desserts, herbal drinks, garnishes, medicine Thai herb and consumer goods, all are famous brands that Thai people are familiar with and popular with tourists.

Thai grocery will try our best to collect the international shipping fee as close to real charges as possible. Also, some of the shipping fees are relocated into the products’ price so as to not let the price becomes too steep and discourage purchasing but still maintain a certain amount of profit for the shop. And your save money when compared Guarantee!!

“we have imparted some of the expenses in the first shipping fee *the first piece you purchased will not yield the shop any profit and this fee will be averaged out when you purchase the second piece onwards. As a result, purchasing more than one piece will not only give us some profit but also more beneficial to you as well. Anyways, the shop is always ready to ship our product even if the order contains only 1 product.”

– The starting shipping fee already includes mailing-package number service fee and most of the service fee, which will not be very worth it, if you only purchase one item.
– The average goods+shipping fee will reduce proportionally when you make the second item purchases and onwards.
– You can view the total goods+shipping price in the last page of the Product Order.
– You can track your ordered goods closely to avoid loss and skip unnecessary steps by using the package number in the screenshot of the slip we sent you after purchase.

Thank you for shopping with us! Thai grocery