Cordyceps Extract plus ascorbic acid- Hi-Balanz (30 capsules)

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Cordyceps extract 790 mg. and vitamin C 60 mg. nourish the energy body, keep the body healthy and strength, nourish respiratory system, reduce asthma and allergy, enrich liver and kidney, antioxidant, and boost immunity.

Brand : Hi-Balanz

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HiBalanz Co., Ltd. establised in 2009 with passions and great simple ideas. We will produce high quality products to respond current customer’s demands in supplementary food market in Asia-Pacific (Apac). With this idea, HiBalanz steadily growing with trust in product, price, and services of building great customer relations. Confident in potential, products research and development brand to generate beliefs and trusts in customers.

Hi-Balanz Cordyceps Extract plus ascorbic acid : Cordyceps extract 790 mg. and vitamin C 60 mg. nourish the energy body, keep the body healthy and strength, nourish respiratory system, reduce asthma and allergy, enrioh liver and kidney, antioxidant, and boost immunity.

Benefits of Cordyceps :

Nourish the energy body
Cordyceps improves blood circulation, reduce blood clot, boost energy, and increase oxygen to organs leading to good health. It’s suitable for fatigue patient, rehabilitation patients, athlete and people Who use strength. The experiment with senility patients found that taking Cordyceps at least 30 days reduce fatigue up to 92%, cold 89%, dizziness up to 83%. Overall, feeling strengthen.

Respiratory system
Ancient Chinese used Cordyceps to cure asthma and respiratory disease because Cordyceps helps open respiratory system so it will be easier to breathe. lt can reduce infection from allergy because lt disinfects and improves the immune system. The study found that after taking Cordyceps more than 5 days continuously, it can reduce asthma up to 81.3%

Diabetic patient
Cordyceps stimulates hormones, control blood sugar and cholesterol in the diabetic patient. The study showed that when the diabetic patient took Cordyceps 3 g. a day, it can control blood sugar more than 95% while others patient with other treatments can control blood sugar only 54%.Cordyceps can also reduce cholesterol up to 10-21 %, reduce Triglycerides in blood up to 9-26% and increase HDL up to 27-30%.

Low immunity patient
Beta glucan in Cordyceps boosts the immune system, stimulate white blood cell, reduce infection prevent sickness, and speed up recovely.

Patient with kidney and liver problems
Cordyceps nourish kidney and Iiver. lt also reduoes cirrhosis, hepatitis, and chronic kidney disease. When Cordyoeps was tested with hepatitis B patient, the study shown that the value of SGPT was 78.6% better, ohronic kidney disease patient got 51% better, and chronic kidney disease from gentamicin patient got 89% better

Cordyceps helps adjusting abnormal hormone systems such as women who are having period pains, abnormal menstruation, or menopause. It also makes male sperm to live longer.

Ingredients in 1 capsule. The active ingredient in Hi-Balanz Cordyceps Extract Plus Ascorbic Acid.
Cordyceps Extract 790 mg
Ascorbic Acid 60 mg.

lt is an important active ingredient in Cordyceps that boosts energy, prevents fatigue, strengthens health system, warms the body and boosts energy for athlete and people who require strength. It also increases blood circulation system effectiveness, reduces blood clot, prevents intracerebral hemorrhage, and prevent respiratory disease such as a chronic cough, asthma, emphysema. It repairs lung, liver, and kidney.

lt boosts immunity system for the body, antioxidant, anti-ageing, stimulates white blood cell, oontrols blood sugar. The study showed that Polysaocharides in Cordyceps can prevent tumor and cancer cell growth.

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C
It’s antioxidant boosting Cordyceps to work in immune system effectively. I also prevent sickness and helps the body to recover fast.

Dosage : 1 capsule together with breakfast

Caution : Children and pregnant women should not eat

FDA Number : 10-1-01357-1-0424

Net Weight  :  29.04 g./box / 30 capsule
Gross Weight  :  88 g.

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