ePacket Service is an international outbound service aiming to support the continuous growth of international trade and cross border e-Commerce.

– Registered (7-14 Post working days)
– There is a prohibition to send book, letter, publication in the same box products.
– The maximum weight for these packages is 2 kg.(boxes and products total weight)
– Packets or envelopes closed with a rope or staples, packet can be opened by customs. If you close a packet with tape it will be charged as a letter (more expensive).

* Post office does not have an international small package air service available in some countries, we will refund money back to you in a full amount within 24 hours.

Thai grocery online save money, shipping fee is separated into 7 levels. And the tracking numbers for every order.

Shipping fee is separated into 7 levels so as to reflect the real expenses as much as possible, calculating according to the distance, weight, and international service fee. Save money when compared Guarantee!!
Cargo transport with new laws making : Update Oct. 2020
Small Packet-Air International : No tracking number. we will ship ePacket read more

Weight 2.01 – 20.0 kg. in one order. You can choose your Shipping Methods :

Normal Air and Parcel-Air delivery are available in every country.
The delivery by Economy Air & Delivery by ground (Parcel-Surface) available in some countries only.  (If you choose this type of transport, it may not be available in some countries.) We will send the invoice to Paypal account for normal air transport. You can reject the invoice within 3 days so that we will deliver this parcel by ground service instead with the amount of money that was transferred to us in advance. We will transfer the remaining amount to you within 24 hours.

– Parcel-Air (10-30 Post working days)
– Parcel-SAL (25-45 Post working days) // SAL – Possibly Surface Air Letter = part of its journey by air and part by land.
– Parcel-Surface (40-60 Post working days)

All shipping methods / Ex. tracking number :

We will deliver products within 48 hours once we have received your transfer of funds (1-2 working days of Thailand post Monday to Friday and Saturday before noon, UTC/GMT +7 hours). The tracking number is provided by email once the package has been sent, so the recipient can check the status of the delivery after we have sent the package.

Thailand post tracking number
Thailand post tracking number

Check your package tracking number at : https://track.thailandpost.co.th

Note : Parcel-Air international shipping costs are rather high, we recommend sending. Type ePacket+Plus The maximum weight for these packages is 2kg.

Thai grocery online
Thai grocery online

Fee EMS delivery in Thailand (2-3 Post working days) when purchasing more than 20USD. Our goods can find in all the leading malls, please find goods, at your local before making a purchase with us. 🛒