Andrew Zimmern

Eating Thai Food with Andrew Zimmern in Bangkok!

Thank you to Andrew Zimmern (, Patrick Weiland, Erin, and the entire team for the opportunity to hang out and eat some of the best Thai food in Bangkok!


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Thai Street food by : Instant Seasoning Knorr

Kaao Laad Kaeng (curry on rice) by : Instant Seasoning Knorr

Thai cuisine is usually made of vegetables, herbs and spices made savory by the fragrances of ginger, galangal and lemon grass, all of which are found in curries, soups and beverages; Thai foods are healthy, nutritious, delicious and in available in a variety of tasty and the unique flavour and ingredients. Thai food features sweet, sour, salty, and spicy options that people around the world.

Thai food the way you’ll find it in Thailand! Meet Bangkok, the cosmopolitan diners. Other types of Thai street food include ‘kaao laad kaeng’ (curry on rice) stalls, which are probably the cheapest and quickest places to eat.

Thai Street food by : Instant Seasoning KnorrKnorr is available around the world.In 1957, flagship Knorr brands like bouillon and soups were sold in 8 countries and by 2000, Knorr products were sold in nearly 90 countries around the globe. In Japan, Knorr is owned by Ajinomoto.
All Instant Seasoning , Knorr

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Scented with aromatic Thai basil

Stir-Fried Bacon with Holy Basil Seasoning

Fried and combined with fresh ingredients. Popular Thai dish has many spellings : Pad Kra Pao, Pad Ka Prao, Pad Ka Pow…etc. delicious, Thai stree food, spicy stir-fry featuring the aroma of holy basil.

Scented with aromatic Thai basil, this seasoning adds to a quick and simple dish which is a favourite of the people of downtown Bangkok. Sometimes it is served hot over steamed rice with a fried egg.

– 250g cut bacon
– ½ onion
– 2 tablespoons Lobo Holy Basil Seasoning Paste


Lobo: Globo Foods started to produce and market the first of Thai Instant Seasoning.
All Instant Seasoning / Curry : Lobo Brand

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