Thai nam prik prara paste by by team Thai grocery online

Namphrik pla duk yang

Namphrik pla duk yang / Fermented fish spicy dip (grilled catfish in chili paste). Made of grilled catfish, well mixed with shallot, garlics , chili and seasoning. Delicious Suitable for people are interested tasting. This chilli paste eat with a steamed rice or sticky rice and fresh vegetables or boiled vegetables.

tips : add pandan leaves with boil fermented fish until cooked for smell soft.

Nam prik prara paste

Thai food that we cook within our family every day, by my mother’s hand. Creating recommended menus easily, Thai food that is preferred by everybody in the family, and garnish the flavors to suit your personal likings. Easy not difficult nor does it requires rare tools, just find nearby ingredients and garnishes, enjoy doing it, and you will get your dish Thai menu.

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