Bak Kuet Teh Soup by Lobo

Bak Kuet Teh Soup by Lobo

Bak Kut teh is a Chinese soup popularly served in Malaysia, Singapore and also enjoyed its fame in the Southeast Asia.

Bak Kuet Teh Soup

Ingredients :
– ½ kg. Pork Ribs
– 750 ml. Water
– Coriander
– 1 pack Lobo Bak Kuet Teh Soup Mix

Bak Kuet The Soup Mix – Lobo (25g)

ROU GU CHA – the name literally translates as “meat bone tea” simplest, consists of meaty pork ribs in a complex broth of herbs and spices. It is known for its healthy and beauty efficiency and it is said as a Chinese tonic for both men and women.

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