Burrito Moo Dang (Roast Red Pork Burrito) by Lobo

Burrito Moo Dang (Roast Red Pork Burrito)

A smart cooking guide by KINKIN X LOBO to add “extra” to “ordinary” delicious Roast Red Pork. This menu of freshly-made Roast Red Pork and green veggies wrapped with Mustard-pasted Tortilla is just way too DELICIOUS.

Roast Red Pork Burrito

The Pack Contains; 2 sachets at 50 grams each. Offerings of plump, colourful and flavourful Chinese barbecued pork can be found in many food markets in Thailand. The sliced roasted pork can be served either with steamed rice or noodles.

Roast Red Pork Seasoning Mix – Lobo (100g)

Lobo: Globo Foods started to produce and market the first of Thai Instant Seasoning.
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