Spicy chicken in rice by Lobo

Spicy chicken in rice (Khao-mok-kai)

KINKIN and LOBO will show you how to cook a dish of Spicy Chicken-in-Rice with your rice cooker in minutes. Try it yourself to taste the authentic taste of Chicken-in-Rice at home.

Spicy chicken in rice (Khao-mok-kai) Seasoning Mix by Lobo can be adapted to cook various yummy dishes beyond your imagination.

Spicy chicken in rice (Khao-mok-kai)

Spicy Chicken-in-Rice Seasoning Mix – Lobo (50g)

Originally from the northwest of India, rich in colour and fragrant spices, Chicken-In-Rice is probably the best known dish prepared in this style. The flavor is more southern Thai, Thai-Islam fusion.

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