Nesvita Actifibras Cereal Milk

Nesvita Actifibras Cereal Drink

Nesvita is the leading brand in cereal beverages, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle for women on the go who need a filling, convenient and above all nutritious way to start their day. Nesvita Actifibras Cereal Milk with increasing market competition and an upward trend in health conscious eating, Nesvita aims to leverage its competitive advantage with the newly launched Nesvita Actifibras with wholegrain cereal.

Nesvita Actifibras Cerea

New Nesvita improved beverage with a stronger message about the nutritional benefits of Actifibras and wholegrain cereal; the main benefit being a healthier digestive system for a more balanced lifestyle.

Nestle NESVITA Great tasting cereal beverage made from high quality whole grain CEREAL, rich in FIBER and packed with essential nutrients. Have been guaranteed by ‘healthier choice’ logo in offering good nutrition to consumer.

Nesvita Actifibras Cereal Milk